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Aigas Field Centre

Red Squirrel Sightings at Aigas

10 October, 2017. Posted by Aigas Field Centre

Here at Aigas, we’re having great luck with our new red squirrel hide. The hide is very cosy with a turf roof. It has been up for a month now and since then we’ve been topping it up with peanuts and hazelnuts. The squirrels are very partial to the hazelnuts – they are now caching them for winter. The hazelnuts also provide the squirrels with almost all of the nutrients they require (peanuts alone don’t provide much calcium or vitamins).

I was lucky enough to have a great squirrel encounter last week. As I was passing the hide I was caught in a sudden downpour so decided to take shelter inside. After around twenty minutes there was a scratching sound on the back wall, which travelled upwards onto the roof. A few seconds of silence, then a flash of red at the feeder! The squirrel spent about twenty minutes going back and forth from the feeder, taking hazelnuts and stashing them for later.

We’ve seen red squirrels venturing further on site and becoming bolder this season, hopefully this continues!

by Aigas ranger Alison Tait