Aigas Field Centre
Aigas Field Centre

The History of the House of Aigas

The House of Aigas is a family home; a place of good country fare, muddy boots, and crackling pine-log fires, where the air is full of the aroma of baking and the sound of laughter.

The house was discovered by Sir John Lister-Kaye in 1976 on the verge of demolition. It had once been a Georgian tacksman’s house dating from around 1760, before being taken over by a family of Glasgow shipping merchants in the 1870s as a summer sporting lodge.

The house was sold in the 1950s becoming a council-run old folks’ home before being abandoned in 1971 and left to rot and ruin. Sir John renovated the house as a family home and a base for the first field studies centre in the Highlands.

Sir John and Lady Lucy Lister-Kaye with their youngest daughter Hermione

Meals are eaten in the Baronial hall, next to a roaring log fire, surrounded by family portraits. The library, with a fabulous collection of natural history, wildlife and local history books, is freely available for guests, as well as a huge wall map covering the north of Scotland.