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A wonderful experience of Highland hospitality and something new learned every day.

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Programmes by Date

Listed here are our fully inclusive, guided Highland holidays programmes. Click on a programme name for full details. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us on 01463 782443.

Forthcoming Programmes

360°s of Nature with Mark Cocker4 Jun-11 Jun 2016£1395Places Available
Walking and Wildlife4 Jun-11 Jun 2016£1275Places Available
Shetland: Land of the Simmer Dim4 Jun-11 Jun 2016£16652 Places Available
The Outer Hebrides and Skye4 Jun-12 Jun 2016£1845Fully Booked
Wildflowers and Gardens11 Jun-18 Jun 2016£1410Please Ring Office
Aigas Wildlife11 Jun-18 Jun 2016£1275Please Ring Office
Summer Birds & Handa Island18 Jun-25 Jun 2016£13956 Places Available
Aigas Wildlife25 Jun-2 Jul 2016£1275Places Available
Walking and Wildlife2 Jul-9 Jul 2016£1275Places Available
Aigas Wildlife2 Jul-9 Jul 2016£1275Fully Booked
Aigas Wildlife9 Jul-16 Jul 2016£1275Places Available
Nature Photography Masterclass with Laurie Campbell16 Jul-23 Jul 2016£18454 Places Available
Aigas Wildlife16 Jul-23 Jul 2016£1275Places Available
Incredible Invertebrates30 Jul-6 Aug 2016£1275Places Available
Nature's Child13 Aug-20 Aug 2016£1275Places Available
Highland House Party13 Aug-20 Aug 2016£1275Places Available
Walking and Wildlife20 Aug-27 Aug 2016£1275Fully Booked
Aigas Wildlife3 Sep-10 Sep 2016£1275Places Available
Highland Wildlife Art Course with Jackie Garner3 Sep-10 Sep 2016£12755 Places Available
Nature Photography Masterclass with Laurie Campbell3 Sep-10 Sep 2016£18452 Places Available
Fascinating Fungi with Liz Holden10 Sep-17 Sep 2016£1275Places Available
Aigas Wildlife17 Sep-24 Sep 2016£1275Places Available
Monarchs of the Glen24 Sep-1 Oct 2016£1275Places Available
Autumn Birds & Strathbeg24 Sep-1 Oct 2016£1395Places Available
Whisky & Wildlife1 Oct-8 Oct 2016£12753 Places Available
Monarchs of the Glen1 Oct-8 Oct 2016£1275Places Available
Nature Photography Workshop with Laurie Campbell1 Oct-8 Oct 2016£13856 Places Available
Aigas Wildlife8 Oct-15 Oct 2016£1275Places Available
Highland Wildlife Highlights with Nick Baker8 Oct-15 Oct 2016£13956 Places Available
Aigas Wildlife15 Oct-22 Oct 2016£1275Places Available
Highland House Party15 Oct-22 Oct 2016£1275Places Available
Laurie Campbell's Patagonian Reprise15 Oct-28 Oct 2016£5499Places Available
Hungary: Cranes, Plains & Przewalski Horses15 Oct-22 Oct 2016£1665Places Available
Hungary: Cranes, Plains & Przewalski Horses22 Oct-29 Oct 2016£1665Places Available
Neotropical Birds & Wildlife in Costa Rica7 Dec-16 Dec 2016£2214Places Available

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